Thursday, 14 June 2012

Five Thousand Years

Five thousand years ago men and women hunted for their food, fought thieves and predators and SURVIVED. The women hunted with their men while raising families and when the men died they hunted alone and they survived. In fact, the human mind becomes sharper and more focused when hungry and deprived of necessity.

If you don't have food then good, be hungry. There is no inspiration or motivation like a stomach pang. Be hungry, be broken. Five thousand years ago you'd either curl up and die or you'd become a new version of yourself and rise higher, being more evolved and a smarter, wiser stronger version of yourself.

Our society is pampered. You have no money? Good. You have no food? Good. No place to live? Perfect. Now you've hit the starting line. Now you're
motivated. Only now can you feel inspiration. Thank the universe and do something with it. Become better than you've ever been and don't look back ever. Don't read this, nod, feel some goosebumps and revert back to your old self. Feel inspired, be inspired and achieve greatness.

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