Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I want..

One of the most common questions we all ask each other and ourselves is "what do you want in your life?" Our ideas often grow, change and evolve as we do. They change from one passion to the next and hopefully continue to lead you to better and better places. I've realized in my life the specifics of what I want in my life may change but the "theme" really doesn't. The theme has been pretty consistent and realizing this has allowed me to more intensely move in the directions of my dreams. 

So what do I want in my life? I want a lot of things. I want to wake up everyday and feel like I'm making a difference in the world. I want to feel like at least something I do in the run of a day will make a positive difference in my world and the world of others. I want to passionately and fearlessly follow the direction of my highest excitement despite the chance of failure. I want to risk losing everything I have so I can have a chance at gaining more than I ever imagined. I want to fail, time and time again so I can overcome that failure and find opportunities that would have never existed without it. I want to learn to accept everything that happens in my life as the direction of my highest good and allow it to open my perspective to more opportunities. 

I want to feel pain and loneliness so I can appreciate joy and companionship more deeply. I want to fall short of some of my goals so the ones I achieve feel that much sweeter. I want to know that everyday I am truly living in the moment, enjoying all that I've experienced thus far but also know that I'm working towards that grand dream I have deep inside. I want to know that my current situation, no matter how dire or unpleasing has no bearing on where I can and will be so long as I accept it as what is and not what will be. I want to experience all of the contrast in life so I can appreciate, recognize and love the things I desire and have already brought into my reality.

I want to one day look at my life and know I lived it to the fullest; with no regrets for what I've done and more important no regrets for what I haven't. With every tear, every smile, every heartbreak and every sense of butterflies I'll know that I am fully experiencing the wonder and joy it is to be human.

What do you want from this wonderful dream called life?

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