Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Attitude of a Champion - Celia Hodder WBFF Pro

The following article has been written by Celia Hodder, WBFF Pro and Fitness Model based out of Halifax, NS. Please visit her Facebook fan page at WBFF Pro Celia Hodder and follow her various helpful and education blog postings at

The Attitude of a Champion
By Celia Hodder

In light of competition season, conflict and negativity are becoming increasingly evident amongst fellow competitors. It seems that competitors tend to pay too much attention to critiquing others, rather than staying focused on the task at hand. The fact of the matter is that
what other competitors are doing is irrelevant. A real champion understands

Successful people look forward, not back, or side to side. They visualize success, and
know that success will come, no matter how long the process may be. They know
the results they desire will come to them, because they put the necessary
efforts and concentration into their goals, no matter what. Successful people
know that to be really great at something, you may have to be unreasonable with
what you are willing to put into it. They know that nothing can stand in their
way to reaching their goals. They also understand that success is not defined
by a material trophy or prize.

Successful people rejoice in the success and progress of fellow competitors because they
wish to compete with the best, and as should the competition. A real champion
understands that a bad attitude stands out as equally as as a bad sweater. Helping
and supporting others is valued as feelings comparable to winning, and reflects
a winning character. Champions are not concerned of competitors faults, or
weaknesses, because wasting time on other peoples weaknesses is understood as a
reflection of their own self doubt and insecurities. Successful people
understand the difference between confidence and conceitedness, and have no
time for the latter. They are aware of personal strengths and weaknesses.
Always striving for improvement but not dwelling on weakness. Successful people
know that when they reach their goal, there will be no regrets. They will
confidently demonstrate their personal best, because they have taken
responsibility to do everything within their means to produce the absolute best
package. If that means that someone else is judged “better”, than they know
that the competition must be pretty damn good, and it was an honor to be judged
with the best.

In such a competitive world, full of criticism and negativity, ask yourself, are
you a champion? What defines “success”
to you? Is your goal to simply hold a trophy at the end of the day? Or is it
bigger than that?

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